Short term goals.

Hey Y’all! So it’s been a week or more of no sugar/sweeteners. I can’t believe it but I only have 33 days to go! I can’t believe I’ve almost made it to 60 days! One thing I never expected. My hubby and I made a pact. If I succeed at this challenge, he will buy me a kayak and if I fail I will have to buy him a nice gun. But I’m pretty excited. These last few days should be easy!

July 1st, I’ll be able to incorporate Swerve back into my diet. That is if my tastebuds can tolerate it. 😝Though many have told me I probably won’t be able to eat much of it at first, if any.. I really don’t want to ruin it by going back to white sugar, so I’m hoping to stay away from sugar at least until the end of this year, if not forever. 😂 It probably won’t be forever, because I know myself too much. But it’s a nice thought. I haven’t been sticking to Keto as well this past month due to so much going on, but I’m hoping to get back to it tomorrow. It’s so hard to stick with it when you don’t have close friends doing it with you, although I have a few friends doing it on FB. But once again, I’m gonna try to do better. Thankfully I’m back to what I was at the end of April, weight wise, so no ten extra pounds weight loss this past month. Mostly due to stressful eating. Which isn’t unusual for me to do. Thankfully I never resorted to sugary treats, though popcorn and chips eventually break down into sugar. I did gain about three pounds there for a bit. But thankfully lost it pretty quickly. This time I really need to plan my meals better, and not just snack.

I started exercising again this past week which is great, though I’ve been so very sore from running and HIIT workouts at home. I recently bought a pull-up bar for the door frame to my art room I hope to learn some workouts to try on it, for strengthening my back, shoulders and arms, definitely areas I need strength in.

I think once I can have my sweeteners again, I probably will do better to stick to the Keto diet. That’s one thing I noticed I made a lot was some of their desserts, kinda kept me well fueled with not only healthy fats but also sweeteners that help with energy but don’t cause your insulin levels to skyrocket, like that of sugar, honey, maple syrup and cane sugar. It was easier for me to stick to it better and more consistently. Right now, I want to resort to whatever tastes good, and since sugar/sweeteners are out of the question it’s hard for me to find things that I can munch on that kinda sorta resembles the taste of sweets without having the sweetener/sugar directly on them, just something that eventually breaks down into, said stuff. Definitely don’t think it’s worth losing a kayak for. 🤗

So with that said. I’m gonna try and do better this week. And the next and so forth and so forth. I will most likely fail again at eating good before the end of this challenge but you just have to pick yourself back up, ask God to help you, and learn from your mistakes and keep going and in the words of my hubby’s favorite Disney film, Meet the Robinson’s, “Keep Moving Forward!”

God is good, y’all!



P.S. Happy Memorial Day!


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