Turmeric+Ginger Tea



Hello People! I am back. And I hope to be back for a while. My mind has been aching to write again, and since there are literally only two and half months till the new year, I thought, I better write at least one post this year to say I have posted, once. Haha!


It’s been a nice break and don’t you know I’ve needed it. But I’m ready to come back to blogging, in spite of still being without internet and having to truck all the way to the in-laws or grandparents or to the library. Yes, we are still without internet, going on four years of living  in the dark ages. 😛 Hubby feels its unnecessary, maybe it is to him, but it sure would be pretty awesome for me. Then I could blog whenever I had a mind to, build up and bring back my old Etsy shop, build a website for all my little hobbies…to name a few.  Oh well, the hum-drum drolls begin.


Well, I just discovered and created my own hot tea recently, in fact this week and I thought how fun it would be to share it with all my lovelies? If you are all still interested in my deserted blog that has gathered dust and cobwebs! Whether you’re reading this or I’m just sending a bunch of fluff into the cosmic void, then no matter, at least this exciting new concoction, I can claim it as my very own somewhat.  I did find a recipe and instead of following it their way I did it my way and used different ingredients. (I never follow directions very well). 😛


Turmeric+Ginger Tea: Helps clean or detox your gut, helps with digestion and inflammation and helps with weight management a more natural way. (Helps get that flatter tummy look).

I love hot tea of any kind. Just please don’t offer me any “Good ol’ Southern Sweet (crunchy) Tea”.  (Most are crunchy because of the amount of sugar they put into them, blah!) So give me a spot of hot tea any day and I will be happy. I don’t mind it over ice occasionally and this tea is superb over ice, but the above, no thanks. I seriously still believe, I was born in the wrong State. Lol!



One small *nub of fresh turmeric root, chopped into four slices (or 1-2 tsp of ground)

One small *nub of fresh ginger root, slice into four slices (or 1-2 tsp of ground).

Four cups of water in a tea kettle


Two to three fresh lemon wedges


Three small pieces of cinnamon bark (or 1-2 tsp of ground)

1/2-1 tsp of glucommonan (optional)

1-2 tsp of raw honey or add to taste. (Own it!)




Boil the first six ingredients (if using Gluco, five if not) in a tea kettle, squeezing the lemon wedges before adding them to the liquid, allowing the water mixture to boil until it whistles at you for a few seconds. Pour all four cups into a measuring glass, add honey, you can add more to your liking if need be. Sip on it throughout the day. Its also yummy over ice.

You can also use the same pulp for a couple days allowing it to sit overnight in the kettle (not on the stove) with a little water at the bottom and add more turmeric and cinnamon and lemon juice wedges if need be, when you are ready to boil more. Enjoy!

I hope you do enjoy it, it tastes like fall in a mug!

Tip: Some people claim it’s a bit too strong if so you can add two cups of water to the boiled four to weaken it, and it will last you one to two days of sipping on, this is especially good if you are using the tea as a detox. Preferably drink, 2-3 cups a day.

Are you a tea drinker? Which ones are your favorites!





*Nub, about the size of your thumb (if you have a small thumb). 🙂




Goodbye 2015 and hello 2016!


Is it 2016 already? Crazy how fast time flies. Well this year has flown by fast, though, part of me is excited about a new year and the other part doesn’t want to get another year older.

If you are following my instagram account then you’ve already seen my best of 2015.  That year had a lot of ups and lots of downs but it taught me a lot. A lot about staying close to the Lord, during the rough times. I thought I would share with you my new years resolutions.

  1. Draw closer to God. More than anything I want to be the closet to my Saviour as I could possibly be.
  2. I would love to read more books. And start a book club or join one. I need accountability.
  3. I would love to lose about 40lbs! Yes, I need to lose at least that if not more. 🙂
  4. I got a Fitbit so I want to walk at least 10,000 steps a day (roughly 4ish miles).  Sunday’s are still my rest days so it doesn’t matter then.
  5. I started the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle and hope that continues and progresses well.
  6. I would love to get a buck (deer) this year if Hubby and I get to go hunting together.
  7. I would love to get pregnant and have at least one if not more than one baby. Yes, I have actually prayed for twins multiple times. I have two babies in heaven, and even though, nothing or no one could replace them, I think it would be wonderful to have two, it would almost be like God was giving them back to me if we had two boys. But a boy and a girl would be awesome as well. Non identical. We already have names picked out for when it happens.  No, we won’t be telling the name until after he, she or they are born. 😉
  8. I would like to try to blog more, no promises on when. (I still need to have a giveaway for all you 50 followers!)  It will help if we get internet in our new home soon. Yes, we moved. So, internet is an option for us if we want. My hubby is slow about getting things so we will see how long it takes him to get it.

That about wraps it up. Not a lot, but if I have too many I will get too overwhelmed. Take baby steps and one day at a time.  What are your new years resolutions? Would love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading,


What is #Mamagrief? 


A friend of mine shared a post with me on Instagram recently of a brave young woman who lost her precious firstborn daughter, Florence. You can read all about her beautiful story here, #mamagrief.

She started a hashtag called #mamagrief a place where other grieving mothers who have lost children to death can go and share their stories and be encouraged by others. 

I never knew losing a child could be so rewarding yet so hard. It’s a world I never knew existed. A world I never knew was here! After losing our first son, people I had known all my life told me of the losses I never knew they endured! When they told me, I thought, “If they’ve lost a child or two, how do they seem so happy? How can they seem so joyful? Some of the most joyful people in the world are people who have suffered so much heartache. 

I read once “behind the happiest faces lay once the saddest of circumstances”. That has stuck to me like a bure. I want and long to be that kind of person. With God’s ever sustaining hand, He can help me be one of those many happy and loving people. 

All the while a big part of the world enjoys a life full of beauty and grace. Beauty, not etched with pain, beauty etched with joy and things that only look to be a dream to us who hurt. 

But a huge part of the world surprisingly enough, hurts and cries out in pain. Somedays, it’s too hard to trace the rainbow through the rain. Those days drag on like weights of heavy metal tying us down.

But there is hope! Yes, there is ALWAYS hope and like a superhero, our Father comes to the rescue with His chain breaker called, Grace! No more weight to tie us down. Believer, acquiesce all your saddness, all your pain, all you grief and lay it on his shoulders. Its ok to cry, its ok to be sad, its ok to grieve! But there is hope for everyone who hurts! 


No. More children will never replace them, I could have a half dozen more children and I would still have these hard days. Cause they matter. They. Matter. To. Me. And to Him. Every life matters, no matter how long they have lived. They matter. And more children, though my mama heart longs to have more, as much as I will love and cherrish them if God should grant this petition. They will never, could ever, replace my boys but they will help fill the void with more loving and kissing. (:

People are forever telling me, “God, I believe will bless you with children.” I’m grateful for those nice thoughts and prayers but what they don’t seem to realize is, this is my mama grief, and according to God, it’s ok. What they don’t seem to see is, God has already blessed me with children. No, they aren’t here for me to enjoy and love on, but they are alive and they do matter. And if God chooses to bless us with more, then praise God! But this mamagrief will never go away. It’s ok.
I’m so thankful I’m not alone in my grief. God has put me on this path of #mamagrief, and it’s ok. I have accepted it and I’m thankful for it. You cannot know how much. But that doesn’t mean, I won’t have bad days, really, really hard ones. But it’s ok. Just like we all have super amazing days, some of us have a lot of crapy days. But it’s ok. I will be ok. God has not abandoned me and He wont. He is walking down this path with me. He is strengthening me and stretching me. My grief is laid bare on the table for all to see. I cannot hide or bottle my grief up inside just like you shouldn’t bottle your happiness up inside just because one of us is grieving and hurting. 

Let it out! Your happiness and blessings are giving us who grieve, hope for the future! Will we run and cry at times if we see or hear to much? Yes! But don’t take it to heart. Don’t wish you had kept your mouth shut. Our hearts are tender. But please never act like our children never existed. Talk about them around us. Say their names. You have no idea how it feels to a mamagrief heart when we hear our babies names mentioned even in passing. 

So you ask what is #mamagrief? They are! My boys! Our Heaven kissed babies! But really. It’s ok. (:

Thank you for reading my heart tonight, God bless you, 


Trim Healthy Advice (Mama’s, I need it! Help!) 


Hello everyone! I was so excited about this evening, I was going to make these fabulas pancakes I had been reading about since my friend finally was able to loan me her book (Trim Healthy Mama) and I followed the recipe exactly to a tea! But I had some issues. 

Issue #1

I tried my small iron skillet and the first one stuck to the pan. I pitched it cause it was a total mess. 

The larger iron skillet I have has a lil more non stick to it so I used it so. Once again it stuck and mess number two! 

Third time I tried, I used an actual non-stick pot (cause I dont own a non-stick pan, this one I use for rice and noodles and nothing EVER sticks to it. Or so I thought). Once again sticky #3!! 

See? A mess! 

Issue #2

They not only stuck but they wouldnt hold their form. Is this supposed to happen? 


Even though they didnt stick or look picture perfect, they were the best pancakes I ever put into my mouth! 


My hubby’s favorite book line is, “Please sir, may I have some more?” (Oliver Twist). I definitely would love some more but I plum run out of pans! 

Yes, Mama’s I need it. How do you do it? How do you keep it in tact? Do I need to invest in a non-stick skillet? What kind would you suggest? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance, 


November Goals Report (week 1) 


Well week one for November has almost flown by! Just three weeks and three days left! Crazy! I am getting excited about possibly moving into our new (to us) trailer this month sometime (we hope!). I may even have a room dedicated for my exercises/craft/photography studio/future nursery! We found out that its a three bedroom, two bath as a opposed to the two bedroom my hubby thought it was! I am excited! I’m excited about having a dishwasher!! Yes, I have been washing dishes by hand for 3 years straight! But no more! Or not as much! A bigger kitchen and living room!! Ah yes.  And having a bigger bedroom and bathroom will be nice and Hubby will get to have one of those bedrooms for his gunsmithing and ammo building. So I’m glad for him there. And we may actually have room to hang up all my clothes and all of his clothes! With room to spare! Closets are some of the best things in this life! And we wont have to trip over the washer and dryer in our bathroom cause there is a special place for them! I’m not wild about having two front doors and no back door but I guess we shall get more exercise! 😂

Lots of great things to look forward to in our future. I am rather excited! When you’ve lived in a shoebox for 3 years anything will seem bigger and better to you! And everything might actually have a place to go too. And the house will seem bigger even then since it will have less clutter! With all the rooms all my crafting/jewelry making/painting stuff will have a whole room to call its own! Yes! I am looking forward to a world with less clutter! 

Anyhoo! As far as this week goes. Monday I started doing Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and switching out doing her 6week 6pack as well. Both are exceptional dvd’s. Even though I have a love/hate relationship with JM, I love her workouts. They are intense and they make my muscles sore. The 6pack one left me in a bit of pain but it was the best kind of pain, that burning pain. My fat was crying real bad on Tuesday. 😂 Yesterday, was the only day I didn’t exercise a ton. A smaller amount but I did some. Today will be better. About to go get my walking in. And then get some circuit training in. Hopefully get all that done before lunch. 

Hoping I can share another recipe with you all tomorrow!

What kinds of stuff are yall doing lately? Exercise-wise? Would love to hear about them! 

Thanks for reading, 


(Fresh) Homemade Guacamole 


Hello lovely people! I have had a pretty good week so far. Been working on lots of projects today which has been fun. 


Today I wanted to share with you one of my go to “snack” recipes that is very simple to make and so delicious! Plus the fact that it can be as fresh as you want it to be or not. Just whatever is easiest or works best for you. 


2-3 ripe avacodos, pitted and mashed

1 can of rotelle with green chilli peppers or your own mixture of diced tomatoes and fresher chilli peppers

Salt and pepper to taste

Half of a lime

A handful of fresh cilantro leaves and sprigs, chopped

2-4 tsp of minced garlic 

1/2-1 red onion, chopped


Take all ingredients and mix each one together with the avacodos as your base. Though I always put the cilantro, lime and salt and pepper in at the end. So I have plenty of times to taste it to make sure it tastes right. This is really a no brainer recipe and if I left something out that you like in it, go for it, add it in there. Some people like putting cheese in it to for some added protein. 

I love eating it on romaine lettuce leaves with grilled chicken for a nice breadless lunch. 

Or for a snack in a bowl for dipping carrots, celery, cucumbers and peppers in or your favorite healthy blue corn chips.

Its also great on low carb tortilla shells with grilled fajitas, sautéed onions and goat cheese! Yum! 



P.S. How do you eat Guacamole? Is there a certain ingredient that you prefer in yours? I would love to hear what it is! 😊

November Goals. (2015)


I still cant believe tomorrow is the first day of November! What a wonderful day to start a new month, especially a month of Thanksgiving! 

That’s right folks I have a new list of goals! If you want to follow my Instagram account request a follow from The_Homestead_Artist, so you can follow my everyday postings with the hashtag #thethankfulchallenge day 1-30. This is a challenge to think of at least 5 things I am thankful for that day and have a cordinating picture to go with it. Let’s face it, the world would be better place if we were a more grateful people, God has given us so much, we just have to look around us and see what he has done for us! You can join me on this challenge if you wish, just use the hashtag above and lets see if we can’t find some things to be thankful for in our everyday lives this month (and beyond).

Since the Trim Healthy Mama isn’t an option for me this month either I have a very simple 14 day eating plan of clean eating, no processed or boxed foods of any kind in this meal. Sounded pretty simple and easy so I will be starting that on Monday. (I may like it so much that I may continue to eat that way the rest of the month). 

Along with my eating plan I will be doing at least 40min of working out everyday just like before. And will be using My Fitness Pal to keep track like last month. Sundays like always are my rest days. But there are 6 other days I will do lots of working out. And at least 3 days a week of walking three miles with or without weights. 

I hope to share everything on Fridays or Saturdays like before but at least once extra a week I will share my favorite recipes or foods I’m eating that are simple to fix. And all of them seem pretty simple. Some you can even make the night before so you can get extra sleep. 😊 

So I am looking forward to tomorrow and Monday with great anticipation!! My throat is doing a lil better but no more rest times for me. I’m through with laying in bed all day. Its time to get back on my feet and work off some of this flab that is hanging off the bed!


“I wonder how many calories I burn running away from commitment?”  –Anonymous 

How about you? What are your goals this month? Do you have any to add to the list?

Thanks for reading,