Never say, never!


Hey everyone! Sorry it’s taken me this long for an update on how the no sugar/no sweetener challenge is going. Life has been crazy. It seems since we joined the little church (last year) we are currently attending, life just got INSANE, but of course in a good way.

We of course, go to church on Sundays, we have two bible studies a week (back to back, Wednesday and Thursday nights) Tuesday’s at Hubby’s Family for supper, my family on Sundays, and once a month, the ladies at church get together on the first Monday’s of the month to eat and fellowship and play Bunco (not bingo.. totally different 😉) so we have very little time at home to ourselves. Our grocery bill did get significantly smaller which has been a blessing but I still cook on occasion for me. Since I have no clue ahead a time if I’m gonna be able to eat whatever they are eating. Plus, working everyday at the little cafe, and trying to juggle housework and spending a little time encouraging the other women in our church and outside church friends. It’s hard to juggle it all and still eat healthy and exercise and have time to work on artwork. And organizing my house (which lately has been a project category all to itself).

But I am still eating no sugar or sweeteners, and officially have reached 48 days, today! Monday will be 50 days total! Woohoo! Honestly I have had very little time to weigh and measure myself. Coffee is honestly the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning and how much I feel it would be easier just to hook me up to an iv filled with strong coffee. 😜 I am tired and grumpy all the time, which probably has something to do with not having energy. A little bit of sugar I’m starting to find out is really not that bad for you. Obviously don’t be one of the statistics of 150lbs of sugar a year consumers in America, eat. But eating 5-6Tbsp a week is not a bad deal. And very doable. Preferably the “good” sugar, monk fruit, Swerve, honey, coconut sugar, even organic cane sugar. I stay away from Stevia because it gives me migraines (smelling it is pretty much deadly to me, in that regard) and is also known to cause miscarriages, so I steer clear of anything that even remotely says anything of that nature. True or not? I don’t really wish to find out. Never say, never.

But when I do get back to it in 42 days, I plan to stick with Swerve and possibly Erythritol, its also a yummy substitute.

But for now, watermelon, green tipped bananas and Granny Smith apples and berries hold the “sugar” for me.

When I’m eating those, life seems to be better. So in spite of the grumpy morning blues, and the constant need for coffee, I’m feeling a lot thinner. Whether I’ve lost a little or a lot. I do feel “better” or thinner. And the fact that I fit into my honeymoon jeans, my 8’s! my first goal! Yep! Pretty happy with that!

My second goal is the 6’s in my drawer! Just waiting for me. My third are the art jeans, the 4’s I don’t know that I’ve ever been in a 4, maybe when in junior high school? But they have my artwork all over them, so naturally it would be cool to wear them someday. Never say, never!


Katie ♥️


This Crazy Wonderful Life!


Hey y’all!

It’s been a little while since my last post. I just got done organizing my art room. A project sorely neglected for a long time. But I said, before I start painting a ton of new paintings again, I’m going to first organize my art room so it’s decent for painting in. I think I’ll be putting up my jewelry stuff for awhile and focus on just a few things I want to get done, those things on my vision board.

First thing is first:

1.) Spend more time with Hubby. And those I love.

I love a LOT of people, mostly the ones I spend a lot of time talking to, over the phone, texting and in the everyday. And now that I have a job, time with my tribe is limited. Saturdays are pretty much my tribe time and Sundays are my church tribe and my family time. But I’m thankful more and more for each moment. Thanks to this job, I really am starting to appreciate every moment I spend with everyone I possibly can. And having a new church family, is such a blessing. Each person in our church we’ve grown so close in such a short time. Love it. ❤️

2.) This one may seem silly to some of you, but I have had this project going on now for about 15 years maybe more. I have an obsession of patches, you know the patches you buy for ironing on shirts and jackets and such? Well I have collected them for about 15ish years now and have cumulated quite a few in my travels. Just about every park I have visited I bought a patch. Every national park I’ve visited, unique restaurant that sell them, etc. I’ve always been fascinated with the old 1800’s-1900’s fashion of putting stickers on your luggage/trunks of places you’ve been, and wonder why they don’t do that anymore? So I decided I would buy a patch every place I went that was unique and if they sold them. I’ve had friends buy some for me, and have given me some. Which I find funny. They must think I’m crazy. But I appreciate it. 😎 The patches will be added to a bag I made in middle school, that I have saved for years and years. 😋 I would like to get all the ones I currently have onto the bag, asap. So I can continue my collecting without feeling too overwhelmed with how many I need to sew on.

3.) I would like to do more photography. Some of just my own inventions and pleasure. Not necessarily paid ones. More practice. Which I just started lessons with my new Pastor who is an excellent photographer so I think I’m in good hands. I’ve had two lessons so far and have really come to appreciate it even more.

4.) I would also like to try to paint at least 10 more paintings before the new year. I have one landscape I hope to start on in the morning now that my art room is fairly organized. I just need to make a list of all the ones I want to try and do. I’ll elaborate more on those later.

5.) I have a plethora of photos I would like to turn into another scrapbook before the new year. In a perfect world I will crank out 3 in a year. But we’ll see if next year will hold more true to that.

6.) I just started bullet Journaling and absolutely love it! Well I did until I got a job, and that went out of the window for now. So I have to figure out how to keep that in line and keep at it. We’ll see how it goes.

7.) I really want to squeeze my workouts back into my schedule even if it’s just for a short 10min. Or what have you. I can tell I get tired easily and feeling a little flabby. So I need to get back into it. I would like to get back into running but it may just be a once a week thing again, which would be fine with me.

8.) I know, I’m a nut, but I’be been keeping my eyes open for a Star Wars phone case. I had an R2-D2 phone case with my old iPhone 4s, I have an iPhone SE and have been on the lookout for something Star Wars. Because I’m a nerd like that. 🤓😜

9.) I have about two or three paintings I really need to finish, but haven’t. So they maybe part of the ten I do, they maybe extra. We’ll see.

10.) Like always I plan to blog more. Probably FB less because frankly, too much drama lately. No offense but there really is. And I miss writing. So I’m gonna try and do more blogging and less FB.

11.) So, thanks to family members, I finally found an OB-GYN that is not only a Christian but also one who really CARES! Yes!! He really, really does! When we went last month for my consultation he continued to say how sorry he was for our losses! And how he acknowledges God created our bodies to do amazing things just confirmed that I knew I was in good hands. That he acknowledged that our babies were babies and REAL LOSSES, not just an “oh well,” thing that happened like our last doctor put it. I had been praying so very much that we would find a doctor who really, genuinely cared, and I believe he does!

Anyway he told me, my issue was indeed an incompetent cervix and noticed my cervix opening was a lot smaller than most. He also said, there is a very promising procedure I can have done, a TAC (Trans Abdominal Cerclage). There are only two doctors in the US that perform this surgery and the one I will be going to, is in Chicago and has an individual success rate of 99%, as oppose to all the others (95%!). So we are extremely hopeful! We went from having a 50/50 chance of being able to have a full term baby to a 99% chance! Isn’t God good? How amazing is that? His plans are ALWAYS perfect. We are very hopeful and know He knows best, whatever the outcome.

And lastly,

12.) I would love it, if I had the surgery next month (November) and Lord willing get pregnant in December. I think that would be so cool! Either get pregnant around Christmas or New Years! Either way, it would be a great gift!

Anyway, I’ll write soon about our upcoming trip as I find out more details! Hopefully I’ll know more next week sometime.



The Homestead Artist

Totality is in the Air!


Can you believe it’s been over a year since I wrote a blog post? Wow! How time flies! This year. Has been crazy. Will talk about life as I know it later. For now, let’s talk about exciting new things!

So we all know this great phenomenon is about to take place tomorrow, August 21st, 2017!

Here’s a little info on Eclipses and how often they occur. The last great Solar Eclipse to be seen in North America was 99 years ago in the year 1918!! Who would’ve thought I would live to see this! I’m so thankful I get to witness it! 😎

“During the 21st century, there will be 224 solar eclipses of which 77 will be partial, 72 will be annular, 68 will be total and 7 will be hybrids between total and annular eclipses. In the 21st century the greatest number of eclipses in one year is four, in 2011, 2029, 2047, 2065, 2076, and 2094. These predictions given here are by NASA.” — Wikipedia

A whole lotta Eclipses. 🌎🌝🌚🌞

So tomorrow is the day! I can’t wait! Where will you be tomorrow for the Eclipse? Do you have the proper eyewear protection? I hope to be outside of Nashville, TN. And my dad has lent me his pair, he plans to wear his welding helmet which I think is absolutely clever. My hubby thought of it first, though. 😉

We’ll talk again tomorrow. Promise.



P.S. I won’t be taking any pictures of the actual eclipse because I don’t want to hurt my phone. Supposedly you can fry the camera in your phone. I don’t want to risk it with a new iPhone. 😖

My Favorite Things…


Hello lovely people! I am feeling extra happy this week! I got to meet two little boys this week that were born recently, one, my nephew, (which I hope to photograph next week sometime, yes I will be sure to post some of the best photos on here) and yesterday I got to meet my maid of honor’s (in my wedding) her baby boy! He is sooooo cute! He slept most of the time I was there but my! He opened those big dark eyes and looked right at me and smiled!! SO cute! That truly made my day! Makes me look forward to having several of my own! Living, breathing babies I can take home and take care of. I long for that day and pray for it daily! 
Ok, so this blog post is the better half of me, my favorite things about me and things that I love, alsoodd facts known by few about me. So have fun, and watch out, this post may get pretty long, but when are they not? Lol! Yeah, Ive never been known to be short winded! But don’t worry, I will only share a few. 

Here we go! 

1. My Saviour: I love Him so much, but I must admit, I am not always faithful in loving Him enough. I often feel I disappoint Him, but it amazes me that He loves me still! Truly! He is amazing! I am thankful He’s mine and I am His, forever! 

2. My Husband: I am amazed nearly everyday I wake up and find him sleeping beside me. He makes me laugh like no one else can, he’s my best friend, my companion, my confidant, my partner in crime, my snuggle bug, my movie watching companion, {He literally will watch anything I ask him to, in which sometime he replies when its over, “Hand me an ice pick, darlin’, I need to gauge out my eyes!!” Laugh Out Loud!!!} seriously he makes me laugh til I snort, and I do an awful lot! He is so strong, even when he feels weak and wants to crumble, he is an amazing father to our heaven kissed boys! If only you could have seen him when I gave birth to those precious boys, I am still shocked whenever I think about it! He is still in love with me and looks at me as though I was still a size 8 in jeans, {I’m still shocked I could even wear that size let alone thought I was fat!! I am super tall, and I was not fat!}. He loves me… He does! Me? Why? I have no clue? He is patient and a little demanding, but there is not a weak bone, or wimpy spirit in his body, he’s muscular and hot, and all mine! 😆 

3. My Babies: Yes, they are in Heaven, but I still love them and love to talk about them and think about them and cry… Yes, I do cry an awful lot when I think about them when I am by myself. But I get to pour out my pain to my Heavenly Father and He really does heal the broken hearted but like anything broken or wounded it takes time, its not something that can be healed over night. Like everything, it takes time. 

4. My Family: When I say family, I mean everyone I am close too, blood or non-blood, friends and relations I see on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. Cause technically those who are in Christ are family! We are all {those in the fold} a part of our Heavenly Father’s adopted family! There is no shame in it! I am thankful for each one! 

5. The ability to move! When I say move, I mean get up and move it, move it! Fitness, exercise, walking, Cardio, workout dvd’s, running, jogging. I will admit I don’t always enjoy working up a long sweat but afterwards I’m thankful I made the effort to do it. 

6. As much as I say I dislike some animals I really like most if not all, but several of them kinda made me dislike them because of things they would do to me growing up as a kid, kinda scarred me and I dont just mean that figureatively. My hubby is allergic to animal fur, so we will never have cats, and rarely have dogs. But I love, ironically, taking pictures of animals.

7. I love bread! “It is my ONE weakness!” I just discovered Ezekial bread with coconut oil instead of butter, … Um … YUM!!! 

8. I LOVE MOVIES: Need I say more? 

I do have a preference on style, but it merely has to do with the mood I’m in. 

9. I’ve memorized nearly every episode of TAGS! {The Andy Griffith Show}:

I love trivia, be it movies or tv shows, mostly re-runs tho. I think the only shows I watched growing up that were actually in my generation were, Road to Avonlea, Christy, Adventures of Lassie… There may have been a few others we tried but didn’t like. But there is nothing like my mothers generation of shows and movies! Mainly because of their sensoring system. This new generation of films is really quite shocking how much language and sexual reference/scenes and crude humor is out there. It really is sad. No wonder our society is so messed up?!

There is nothing, and never will be anything like the classic shows, here are just a few of my favorites:

The Andy Griffith Show (we covered this) The Donna Reed Show( i LOVE THIS SHOW!!) I love Lucy, The Brady Bunch, The Beverly Hillbillies, Peticoat Junction, Green Acers, The Twilight Zone, The Alfred Hitchcck Presents, the Alfred  Hitchcock Hour, Leave it to Beaver, Little House on the Prarie, Bonanza, The Riffleman, Daniel Boone (just dicovered that one), etc… (I am sure there is more but I cant think of them). 

Also just discovered these recently you may want to try: 

Lark Rise to Candleford, Into the West, Cranford…

10. Odd Facts Known By Few: One reason you shouldn’t always take ne seriously is cause I am usually using someones line from a movie or tv show. Cause I am rarely original, I reckon I am odd like that. 

11. I love black bears, antlers, fur, hunting, shooting guns, kayaking, swimming, sunflowers, camping and the great outdoors! Especially places with no internet connection, you live on your wits, could you even survive? I did thanks to good friends for five days behind the Grand Tetons! 

12. I lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming for a year, and have missed it every day, since!

13. I would rather be stranded in the mtns then on a beach. (More meat and drinking water and trees!). 

14. I love Camo anything. I am one of those tacky people that would buy a camo recliner for her hubby if he wanted one. If he didn’t then I would get one for me. Lol! I love dark browns, greens, reds and yellows, earthy tones for colors in my house hold. I don’t go for all the fads in household decor. I like the earthy, mossy garden look in my den. I guess that’s why I like the log cabin look so much! You dont have to paint the walls, its all natural in the wood. You bring out the color in accents. 

15. I live in a 14×50′ house trailer, “Itty bitty living space!” I have a love-hate relationship with this trailer. I hate that its so small cause I love our yard and the rolling hills in the front and the woods in the back. But the trailer is about to drive me insane. There is not enough room for everything, us, let alone any future children. 

16. I love Mason Jars, Especially the huge 2 quart jars. I drink my gallon a day of water from them. I fill it up four or five times a day to reach my limit. I love the green tinted ones. Thats my favorite color. 🍂

17. I miss my grandparents. My Pawpaw passed away a day before the original date of our wedding. Like I said awhile back, when it rains it pours! But he and my grandmother are in a better place, but oh how I miss and love to talk about them! The memories are precious! 

18. I love big earrings. That is all.

19. I love Kelidescoops (local ice cream store) Chocolate, Chocolate Kelida-chiller!!! Yum!!

20. Caramel Apples and Apple Farms, Apple Butter…yeah…nothing like it this time of year!

21. I’m an artist. As if you didnt know. 

22. I’m also a local photographer, in the Decatur/Huntsville/Rocket City, Alabama area.

23. I’ve eaten Calimari, Elk, Quail, Squirrel, scorpian, ants, crickets, Moose, Antelope, Aligator, Shark, Venison, Kangaroo, Rabbit and a bunch of other stuff…and it shows…But thats another story for another day.

24. I never got out of the awkward stage, or the clumsy stage.

25. I like chapstick over lipstick.

26. Sketcher’s Bob’s over Toms. For that price they could afford to give five pairs of shoes to someone in need. But, hey, what do I know? 

27. Local or made from home Coffee over Starbucks. Its, different if its a need, coffee can easilly be made from home. My mind and heart can’t give to a company that gives money to help keep the doors open of every clinic that purposely destroys the precious lives of sweet babies in their mommies wombs. There is a better way to make good coffee, I worked in a coffee shop for three years, come to my house, I will make you some for free just so you boycot Starbucks. But what do I know about it, I just know the heart breaking reality of loosing two babies to death, and how its something you can’t easily  get over no matter how they died. 

28. I love to crotchet. Not very good at it but I love it. 

29. I am an Essential oils, herb loving, natural using, clean eating, kinda gal.

30. I love vintage anything. 

31. I am currently enthralled in the Hunger Games series, once again and cant wait for the Part 2 to come to theaters. 

32. I love leaves and the many colors they change into.

33. I love kids. Truly. Which is why I cant give to businesses that I know who are helping mothers destroy their precious babies lives. Think about it, does your body really need that Frappicino? Ok I’m done.

34. I love giving gifts. To anyone.

..35 Kinsington Avenue and he lives at 5133! Did I mention my brain never stops? 

36. Lundry is my worst subject in the school of housework.

37. I love to cook and bake, but I never follow recipes very well. They are just guidelines anyway. 

38. I love books but I don’t read much. I cant stand the ending of stories. 

39. My Cameras. Canon Power shot, Canon Rebel XT and my current favorite, Canon Rebel T3i.

40. I love to sing. I used to dream of singing in a band. Like an Irish or blue grass band. I like singing both genres. 

42. We have lived here nearly three years with no internet. Thats gotta be some kind of reccord. 

43. I don’t wear purfume. I like my oils too much. 

44. I can quote the Princess Bride nearly by heart. The Emporers New Groove as well. 

45. Fall and Spring are my favorite seasons. 

46. We had a Dos Computer, and a printer with the little holes on the side that you had to pull off. 

47. I remember when CD’s and DVD’s first came out. I said, they would never work. Lol!

48. I remember when Ditgital Cameras first came out. Again I thought, no way!

49. I was planning to wear my mothers’ 70’s style wedding gown when I was younger. When I got married with, my shoes,  I was nearly a foot taller. No way. 

50. I shared my very first kiss at the alter with my husband. 

And thats a wrap, for now. My next post will be John Spencer’s birth story, part two. 

Thanks for reading,