Trim Healthy Advice (Mama’s, I need it! Help!) 


Hello everyone! I was so excited about this evening, I was going to make these fabulas pancakes I had been reading about since my friend finally was able to loan me her book (Trim Healthy Mama) and I followed the recipe exactly to a tea! But I had some issues. 

Issue #1

I tried my small iron skillet and the first one stuck to the pan. I pitched it cause it was a total mess. 

The larger iron skillet I have has a lil more non stick to it so I used it so. Once again it stuck and mess number two! 

Third time I tried, I used an actual non-stick pot (cause I dont own a non-stick pan, this one I use for rice and noodles and nothing EVER sticks to it. Or so I thought). Once again sticky #3!! 

See? A mess! 

Issue #2

They not only stuck but they wouldnt hold their form. Is this supposed to happen? 


Even though they didnt stick or look picture perfect, they were the best pancakes I ever put into my mouth! 


My hubby’s favorite book line is, “Please sir, may I have some more?” (Oliver Twist). I definitely would love some more but I plum run out of pans! 

Yes, Mama’s I need it. How do you do it? How do you keep it in tact? Do I need to invest in a non-stick skillet? What kind would you suggest? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance, 


A Fluffy Chocolate Cloud (Quick Chocolate Buttercream Frosting)


This is seriously a no brainer.  Anyone that can turn on a mixer or use a hand mixer can do this!  And the results are pretty well amazing! 🙂

To be used with your favorite cake, or The SUPER Moist Chocolaty, Chocolate cake, I posted yesterday! So here ya go, and you’re welcome! 🙂


Note: Don’t do what I do, read all the way down to the bottom of the directions, I usually challenge myself, and skip the direction part…don’t do that… read all the way down. 😉



3-5 cups of Confectioner’s sugar

1 1/2 sticks of butter, soft (not quite melted) or room temp.

3/4-1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder (depends on how chocolaty you want it)

a little milk, if needed (but just a little)

1 TBSP of Vanilla Extract


Mix all the wet ingredients first until creamy and then add the dry ingredients (Except the confectioner’s sugar) to meet your consistency needs. I like to think, light fluffy clouds… yum! Chocolate clouds to be exact! Add the milk, if you need it, otherwise, leave it out.

If for some reason my recipe is inaccurate, add more or use less of the ingredients above. Recipes are just guidelines, expand your horizon’s a little. Have fun with it. Cook like a tv pro.




Not Your Typical Chip…



I mean who doesn’t like a good potato chip? I am a big tater chip fan but it has to be a good one, and I mean a REALLY good one.  I love Apple Chips and have had a few from various health food stores but these are TOPS on my list for a healthy yet easy snack to make.  You don’t even have to have a fancy dehydrator so it won’t break the bank to make. As long as you have a working oven, then you are set to go!

Preheat your oven to 225 Degrees Fahrenheit (Yep, I had to look that word up on google.. heehee!)

Ok you will find my ingredients a bit off… I am not one to follow ingredient measurements.. they are just a guideline to me, nothing more than a guide on a map… but I can cross a few lines or barriers to get to the finish when it comes to cooking.

Ok… but you WILL need, to make this work, is either a really steady hand and sharp knife or a mandolin.  No, not the instrument. But the kitchen tool.


You will also need, Your choice of Apples: I used Honey Crisp, and Gala:

ApplesYou will need your choice of sugar and your choice of cinnamon.  Everyone has their preference, so go for the choice you enjoy using.  I have also used Coconut Sugar. 🙂


Now, slice your apples of choice (and however many you would like to eat, one per person, they aren’t that great the second day unless you wrap them up good.) You’ll want them thin but not see through thin. Preferably, a lil less than 1/8 of an inch.


You’ll want to grease a baking sheet well with choice of cooking spray or grease. Or line it with wax paper. Place your Apple slices on the sheet and sprinkle with desired amounts of cinnamon and sugar of choice.  They don’t have to be far apart, they will shrink some.


Place in the oven and bake for one hour.  Turn them over and if desire sprinkle more sugar and cinnamon on other side, place back into the oven and bake for an additional, 40min to and hour.


They will look brownish, but they aren’t burnt.  They might also appear soft but when you let them cool they will become crispy and/or crunchy.

Let them cool for a few minutes (5-8 min.)


Viola! Enjoy! 🙂