A Tribute to a Godly Man (Part 1 of our Wedding Story)

Wow!! I can’t believe November is finally here!! Two years and counting! Yeah, My hubs and I would have said “I do”, yesterday, two years ago! Hard to believe!  You may ask… we may have said I do yesterday two years ago? Yeah, well, long story…Oh? You have time? You sure? Oh, well, ok… whereContinue reading “A Tribute to a Godly Man (Part 1 of our Wedding Story)”

Painted Pumpkins: Think Outside the Orange

Yeah, so I had planned on posting another dessert/snack recipe but figured two in one week was a bit much and this project got done this week so I figured I would go ahead and share.  It was actually inspired by my nieces and nephews when I had seen a photo their mother took of themContinue reading “Painted Pumpkins: Think Outside the Orange”

Not Your Typical Chip…

I mean who doesn’t like a good potato chip? I am a big tater chip fan but it has to be a good one, and I mean a REALLY good one.  I love Apple Chips and have had a few from various health food stores but these are TOPS on my list for a healthyContinue reading “Not Your Typical Chip…”

There’s A First Time For Everything! (Part 3, And Continued from “Me and Mister Right”).

I must apologize for my “forgetfulness”.  Like I mentioned on the Facebook Page, I didn’t forget to post like I said I would on Friday.  Its just that I had SO much going on, on Friday that I simply didn’t have time to get out and do my normal routinely things. 😦 Oh well, atContinue reading “There’s A First Time For Everything! (Part 3, And Continued from “Me and Mister Right”).”

Mister Right and Me (Part 2, Continued from The Day I Met Mister Right)

Oh I love this time of year, don’t you? Fall is seriously the best season there is! The air just seems so crisp and fresh and full of spices, as it should be! 🙂 I love the sound of the leaves, crunch beneath my feet. Sweaters and turtlenecks, pumpkin spice lattes and of course turkey andContinue reading “Mister Right and Me (Part 2, Continued from The Day I Met Mister Right)”

The Day I Met Mister Right! (Part 1)

  Telling this story always makes me smile big! I just LOVE telling it and it gets better every time I do! 🙂  Some of you have heard it a million times and are probably tired of hearing it but not me! Not, I! 😉  It’s such a fun story because God made it up!Continue reading “The Day I Met Mister Right! (Part 1)”