Never say, never!

Hey everyone! Sorry it’s taken me this long for an update on how the no sugar/no sweetener challenge is going. Life has been crazy. It seems since we joined the little church (last year) we are currently attending, life just got INSANE, but of course in a good way. We of course, go to churchContinue reading “Never say, never!”


Hey Ketoians and others just following along for the ride. Here is the progress report I promised for my first week of cutting carbs and sugar. It’s been a rough week but well worth the effort. Or at least it will be, so they say. I feel great! 🤗 (totally being sarcastic) or so theyContinue reading “Ketosisssss”

My 90 Day Keto Journey (w/ 100 days of exercise)

Well now I’ve done it. I just told you the secret to my upcoming challenge. For me, usually if I put it out there that I’m doing a challenge; it never happens. Or it never gets finished. This time I’m actually gonna try to do 90 days of Keto. Or roughly 3 months. The firstContinue reading “My 90 Day Keto Journey (w/ 100 days of exercise)”

This Crazy Wonderful Life!

Hey y’all! It’s been a little while since my last post. I just got done organizing my art room. A project sorely neglected for a long time. But I said, before I start painting a ton of new paintings again, I’m going to first organize my art room so it’s decent for painting in. IContinue reading “This Crazy Wonderful Life!”