Blown Out Of Proportion

Day one of the Keto Challenge was a flop, a major flop. The whole day didn’t go as I had planned. Nothing went according to plan. I guess there is a reason most people start new diets and exercise plans on Mondays. Well here’s hoping tomorrow will be better equipped and my plan won’t fall through. After work I plan to ransack my pantry and fridge, (throw away all signs of junk food, non-Keto food) make a grocery list for the week and Only buy those things on the list. And after work go shopping as well as meal prep a few dishes for the week. So I have variety. Variety is key after all.

Let’s face it, I really don’t want to be that same cute chubby little bear for the umpteenth summer in a row. 😜

Thanks for following my journey, here’s to Monday, a better start to my journey, (I hope).



Published by spencerswoman84

Hi Im Katie! Welcome to my blog! This is just a simple retreat for me to blog about everyday stuff, art, lifestyle, food, baby loss to a mama who has much experience. Thank you for following my journey! God bless you! Sincerely, Katie

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