My 90 Day Keto Journey (w/ 100 days of exercise)

Well now I’ve done it. I just told you the secret to my upcoming challenge. For me, usually if I put it out there that I’m doing a challenge; it never happens. Or it never gets finished. This time I’m actually gonna try to do 90 days of Keto. Or roughly 3 months. The first 10 days I’m going to try to cut out sweets/sugar of all kinds not even swerve or any of the sweeteners that most people use on keto. Just to recharge and help jumpstart my 90 days. So that way when I’m actually doing keto with the sweetener it’ll actually taste sweet and yummy. And I will be able to enjoy it, this time through. After the 10 days, I will do the rest of the 80 days of no sugar but ONLY sweeteners. If it doesn’t have Swerve or Truvia in it, it’s out. I will still eat some fruit, that is Keto friendly, because I honestly can’t live without my fruit. But white table sugar, honey and maple syrup is totally out. Even cane sugar.

Along with these 90 days I shall be doing a 100 days of exercise challenge which I’ve already started. Hopefully both will continue on even after 90 and 100 day challenges. But I’m better at short term goals if I don’t have short-term goals then they never happen. Let’s face it, I’m guilty of never finishing anything. 😜

I’m going to *try* and tune in every week {just once a week} and tell you how well the challenge is going. How much I’ve lost so far etc. etc. Everybody needs accountability, in most things.

Like I’ve said I’ve already started exercising and will be starting the keto diet on Sunday. I know, I know it’s Easter Sunday. πŸ˜‰ (holidays to me are so hard to resist the temptation… but it will be worth it to fit back into those 8’s again and who knows I might surprise myself and fit into a pair of 6’s. πŸ™ƒπŸ˜œ

Since I haven’t blogged in a while I thought this would be the perfect place to login every week and tell you a little bit about my experience, how it’s going, how much I’ve lost, and if I’ve gained any (Which with exercising could be muscle gain). Just to kind of give you a run down of my week, hopefully even a day in day out, look. So I will try and share recipes and exercises if this is something you would like to do one day, too? Or maybe something you might enjoy following along to.

I will say, I have tried doing keto in the past and I continued to just fall back and fall back that this time I really, really am serious about it and I really want to do better and to stick to this diet plan. I’m a planner I do better with plans with diet restrictions I’m not very good at just going with the flow or doing my own thing I’m much better at a plan. People have tried to discourage me, “don’t go on a diet just eat the best way you know how!” but I’m terrible at that. I just don’t do very well on my own.

So with that said, Sunday, here we come. Let’s go for 30 days… c’mon 30 days ain’t so bad…and then we’ll go from there..take it one month at a time…or one day, at a time for that matter. πŸ’•




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