Turmeric+Ginger Tea



Hello People! I am back. And I hope to be back for a while. My mind has been aching to write again, and since there are literally only two and half months till the new year, I thought, I better write at least one post this year to say I have posted, once. Haha!


It’s been a nice break and don’t you know I’ve needed it. But I’m ready to come back to blogging, in spite of still being without internet and having to truck all the way to the in-laws or grandparents or to the library. Yes, we are still without internet, going on four years of living  in the dark ages. 😛 Hubby feels its unnecessary, maybe it is to him, but it sure would be pretty awesome for me. Then I could blog whenever I had a mind to, build up and bring back my old Etsy shop, build a website for all my little hobbies…to name a few.  Oh well, the hum-drum drolls begin.


Well, I just discovered and created my own hot tea recently, in fact this week and I thought how fun it would be to share it with all my lovelies? If you are all still interested in my deserted blog that has gathered dust and cobwebs! Whether you’re reading this or I’m just sending a bunch of fluff into the cosmic void, then no matter, at least this exciting new concoction, I can claim it as my very own somewhat.  I did find a recipe and instead of following it their way I did it my way and used different ingredients. (I never follow directions very well). 😛


Turmeric+Ginger Tea: Helps clean or detox your gut, helps with digestion and inflammation and helps with weight management a more natural way. (Helps get that flatter tummy look).

I love hot tea of any kind. Just please don’t offer me any “Good ol’ Southern Sweet (crunchy) Tea”.  (Most are crunchy because of the amount of sugar they put into them, blah!) So give me a spot of hot tea any day and I will be happy. I don’t mind it over ice occasionally and this tea is superb over ice, but the above, no thanks. I seriously still believe, I was born in the wrong State. Lol!



One small *nub of fresh turmeric root, chopped into four slices (or 1-2 tsp of ground)

One small *nub of fresh ginger root, slice into four slices (or 1-2 tsp of ground).

Four cups of water in a tea kettle


Two to three fresh lemon wedges


Three small pieces of cinnamon bark (or 1-2 tsp of ground)

1/2-1 tsp of glucommonan (optional)

1-2 tsp of raw honey or add to taste. (Own it!)




Boil the first six ingredients (if using Gluco, five if not) in a tea kettle, squeezing the lemon wedges before adding them to the liquid, allowing the water mixture to boil until it whistles at you for a few seconds. Pour all four cups into a measuring glass, add honey, you can add more to your liking if need be. Sip on it throughout the day. Its also yummy over ice.

You can also use the same pulp for a couple days allowing it to sit overnight in the kettle (not on the stove) with a little water at the bottom and add more turmeric and cinnamon and lemon juice wedges if need be, when you are ready to boil more. Enjoy!

I hope you do enjoy it, it tastes like fall in a mug!

Tip: Some people claim it’s a bit too strong if so you can add two cups of water to the boiled four to weaken it, and it will last you one to two days of sipping on, this is especially good if you are using the tea as a detox. Preferably drink, 2-3 cups a day.

Are you a tea drinker? Which ones are your favorites!





*Nub, about the size of your thumb (if you have a small thumb). 🙂





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