There is no in-between. {watch out this could get long}

Thank you my lovely fans for the great responses to my deactivating Facebook, post. As I was reading a couple other peoples blogs it hit me that a lot of my fans don’t really know anything about me. At least not well enough. I mean I have a few Facebook friends that read my blog from time to time, I guess, honestly I don’t really keep up with who reads my blog everyday. Other than those who faithfully comment or like it, and for that I am so very thankful! 😃 but most of you don’t know much about me as a person, for all you know I could be some crazy person escaped from… Well… Anywhere… Running loose posing as a sweet young lady, but truthfully, I’m nuts..I am nuts about…my husband, and many other great things, but like always, I’m getting ahead of myself, lets start with my distasteful side, or cooky side, shall we?

Pet Peeves: Cause, let’s face it, who doesn’t have a few? {No particular order.}

1. I am thankful God made me Dyslexic. But my pet peeve is God also made me with ADD/ADHD or most people think that means “day dreaming”. I kinda have to laugh when people say that, because, man, if you only knew! The struggle is real. And I mean really REAL!  
Let me explain myself. I read a blog post recently through Facebook, actually that I really wish I had saved. It explained everything about me to a tea, it almost freaked me out how accurate it really was. I never was diagnosed with this issue but always wondered about it, that article confirmed my suspicians. 

Here’s a good example of this day dreaming mindset. You must remember first and foremost, there is no in between. Its either hot outside or freezing cold, I either like you, or I don’t. I either love something or I hate or detest it. There is no in between. None. 

My brain never turns off…even when in shock….never..turns…off. Never. 

When I am talking to you, besides listening to you {cause you know I am capable of mutitasking, I may zone in and out for a few seconds here and there, because I am thinking of other things}, like the way your hair looks, or the….what in the world? how longs that been there {the food stuck in your teeth}? Or that strand of hair in your face is driving me nuts, can I push it out of the way for you? What did you say, chocolate, where? I enjoyed some coffee yesterday that reminded me of chocolate, it was creamy and frothy and made me feel warm and snuggly inside. Like a rainy day… Snuggling up to a good movie. Oh, I love those kinds of days, you said something about taking care of your horse? I love horses, but like every animal on the planet, they dont like me, which is so strange, cause I like them, I am just glad people are not like animals, or I would have no friends, which would be tragic….dont even get me started on tragedies, I will make you cry! 

You get the idea, like I said, my brain,! And people wonder why I am easily exhausted. Huh! Honestly, people without this kind of brain, don’t understand the meaning of the word exhausting. 

But anyway, moving on…

2. Pet Peeve: Road rage. I have it bad. Maybe because I know the drivers manual by heart. I mean, really, I mean after all, all of it was written by a genius, or simply someone who was aquainted with common sense. It’s really not that hard, like picking up a fork and eating with it. I’m not saying I am the queen of all drivers, I make mistakes everytime I get in my car. 
The blinker system is the worst. It is a fatal pet peeve! People!!! Use your blinker, that thing saves lives every single day. If people stopped using their blinkers, like everyone? You better bet natural selection takes over. Blinkers are so important. The moments I forget, how many moments God spared me from head on collisions, being T-boned, or side-whacked. Guardian Angels at serious work here. Stop being silly, use your blinker! 

Tail-gating!!!! Ahhhhh!!! 

This is one that I absolutely hate. Mainly because it is so stupid and just plain foolish. For one, if the person in front of you, has to hit on their breaks too fast, you are then the person responsible for the accident. Are you seriously in THAT much of a hurry? Seriously? Don’t blame other drivers for going the speed limit when you’re late for your important meeting, or what have you, simply leave earlier. 

Though some people do it because they dont understand plain and simple logic. But thats another story for another day. 

3. Pet Peeve: Guys with long fingernails. Yeah this is a stupid one, but ever since I was really young, I never understood why some guys grew their nails out. It really makes me cringe. I guess cause manly men don’t grow them out and they{manly men} always attracted me. But thats just me, don’t take it personally.

4. Pet Peeve: I hate that I am bad about finishing things, be it reading books, blogging about stuff, stories I’ve written, books that need to be published, housework that needs to be done {yes, I am like the thousands of women out there that stink at house work, probably because its never done, finished that is}. You know the saying, “a womans work is never done.” Yep, I can relate. That’s my life, not much gets finished. Unless I’m getting paid for it. 

5. Pet Peeve: Did I mention, I love sleep?  

Pretty much ever since I got Mono back in 2013, sleep has been screaming my name every single day. I hate that I love my sleep so much, because I end up wasting a whole day sleeping. I mean, when I had mono, I did sleep, for 2 1/2 months! I wanted to have the strength to stand at my brothers wedding. God allowed me to do that. Which I was thrilled. But sleep, has become a close friend ever since. Really I have loved it since I was a baby. My mother said I was the best baby and kid. Every time it was bedtime, I didn’t raise a rucus like my older brother, bedtime was my favorite time of the day. 

Still is. 

6.Pet Peeve: Along with being ADD/ADHD I hate that there is no in  between. I’m either freezing cold {which is probably the majority of the time} or sweating hot! I can sweat so easily, like just a minute go, I was sweating from walking up and down our driveway; walking!? I mean I ran a lil ways, but not far enough to sweat as much as I did. I was bit shocked. Oh well. Now I’m freezing. 😣😐

7.Pet Peeve: I’m extremely self conscious about my weight. I wish more than anything, I didn’t care so much. But that’s my trouble, I either care, or I don’t, there is no in-between. But partly I am thankful I care, cause franly, I would be much bigger than I am if I didn’t care. Trust me, I would be. 

8:Pet Peeve: I hate that I have so many pet peeves. 

9.Pet Peeve: I’m the world’s worst speller and the world’s worst student in grammar. Trust me, I am. 

10.Pet Peeve: Clutter. It’s distasteful. My house is full of it most days. Drives me nuts. But do I do anything about it? Not right away, I have to think about it first, which will most likely result in a conversation with myself which will most likely take an hour or more which may be won over by Mr. Sandman. And when the sleepies go away and my mind is fully functional to the thought of it all, it will get done, even if it takes me all night. When I’m in focus mode, it will get done. Unless you interupt or hinder that mode in some way… No can do, “You threw off my groove!!” 

11.Pet Peeve: Food that tastes awful. Food is a big part of my life, I went to school to learn how to cook, like a chef. Food that tastes like garbage is seriously heart wrenching to me. Ok maybe I’m being a lil overly dramatic. But seriously, healthy food doesn’t have to taste like garbage. Nuff said. 

12.Pet Peeve: People that spell my name wrong. Everyday of my life. People, if you don’t know just ask. Even my SSN card had it wrongly spelled, I mean c’mon, they have to see your birth certificate to be able to get one. Silly crazy people. Katie is a nickname for KathARine. Not ERine. A-R…you know, like my favorie gun. Or was that an AK-47? Whatever. 

13.Pet Peeve: People that don’t dicipline their children. Or worse, let them play video games all day. Whatever happened to playing outside all day long in the summer? We had video games too. But my mother only allowed us to play 30min each day and 2 30min tv shows. No more. Sometimes for school we would get to watch a movie at lunch time but very rarely. 
Diciplining kids… Don’t even get me started. 

14.Pet Peeve: People that dont like coffee or hot teas. If you don’t, then I’m sorry we cant be friends. 

15.Pet Peeve: People that take me too seriously. Very rarely am I not being sarcastic. So just be aware. 

16.Pet Peeve: I am partially deaf. My left ear I am completely deaf in that ear. Its become a major struggle. Especially now that I am older. It drives me nuts when I cant hear people talk. I’m slowly learning to read lips but in loud background noisy situations it breaks my heart I cant hear people talk, and if I try to explain to them my issue they think, I’m not serious. But when they realize its true, they look at me like I have two heads. 😐

 17.Pet Peeve: I dislike cats and most dogs very much. Probably because we had so many growing up. Now, give me a pig or a sheep, it will be my best friend! Or chickens, I would love to have chickens! But cats are evil and most dogs are stupid. But if I had to choose I would choose a dog over a cat anyday of the week. And someday, whenever we have kids, we will have a dog or two. But no cats, and no animals in the house. I do like dogs, even though I say I dont. So dont take me too seriously. 

18.Pet Peeve: People that let their animals come in the house. Both of our parents do this, we don’t understand this, the house gets dirty enough. Why? Oh well. Maybe if I had an actual house and not a tiny lil trailer I might could understand. 

19.Pet Peeve: Writing my blog posts from my phone. If you only knew how slow and tideous this kind of work was. And proof reading, adding pictures, correcting spelling errors, excessively slow typing or bad connections, its frustrating and exhausting. But its now my only way to get it done. 

20.Pet Peeve: Tiny living spaces and small kitchens. Or living in a tiny trailer. I love where we live but wish our trailer was more liveable. Having two people in the house is tollerable, more than three makes me almost closterphobic. Its just too small for entertaining. But maybe someday that will all change. 

21.Pet Peeve: I wish that I was more grateful than I am. Something I’ve been working on. 
Well, I better quit while I’m still ahead. My more positive side will come out either tomorrow or sometime this weekend. We will see. 

Do you have many pet peeves? Would love to hear from you! 
Have a great day, y’all! 



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