A Fluffy Chocolate Cloud (Quick Chocolate Buttercream Frosting)

This is seriously a no brainer.  Anyone that can turn on a mixer or use a hand mixer can do this!  And the results are pretty well amazing! 🙂

To be used with your favorite cake, or The SUPER Moist Chocolaty, Chocolate cake, I posted yesterday! So here ya go, and you’re welcome! 🙂


Note: Don’t do what I do, read all the way down to the bottom of the directions, I usually challenge myself, and skip the direction part…don’t do that… read all the way down. 😉



3-5 cups of Confectioner’s sugar

1 1/2 sticks of butter, soft (not quite melted) or room temp.

3/4-1 cup of unsweetened cocoa powder (depends on how chocolaty you want it)

a little milk, if needed (but just a little)

1 TBSP of Vanilla Extract


Mix all the wet ingredients first until creamy and then add the dry ingredients (Except the confectioner’s sugar) to meet your consistency needs. I like to think, light fluffy clouds… yum! Chocolate clouds to be exact! Add the milk, if you need it, otherwise, leave it out.

If for some reason my recipe is inaccurate, add more or use less of the ingredients above. Recipes are just guidelines, expand your horizon’s a little. Have fun with it. Cook like a tv pro.





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