Painted Pumpkins: Think Outside the Orange

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Yeah, so I had planned on posting another dessert/snack recipe but figured two in one week was a bit much and this project got done this week so I figured I would go ahead and share.  It was actually inspired by my nieces and nephews when I had seen a photo their mother took of them on Instagram. Yes, these youngsters were painting pumpkins and since I’m not a carver (or never have carved a pumpkin, yeah, I know, sad!) But figured since painting is my expertise, why not?

Ok, so you want to learn? Well its pretty easy.  You will need:

Brushes: (Honestly, even as an artist I buy the cheapest brushes I can find at Hobby Lobby (My favorite place!). But seriously, if you are a starving artist the cheapest brushes or rather the packet of cheap brushes (not the nylon, kids brushes), but the packet of brown haired, yeah, they are just AMAZING as the ones you buy individually.  But then again, I do have one of the more expensive round brushes and have had it since I was 12… so its up to you how much you want to spend, but cheap is just as good:


Also, of course you need Pumpkins, small, medium or large. I had some small baby pumpkins on hand that were on the verge of going bad and so, yeah, I needed to do something with them, and fast! So I figured sealing them with acrylic paint ought to do the trick! And booya! It did!


You will also need paint. Again, I am cheap, I don’t like to spend oodles on paint unless I am working on a paid painting.  I mean, why pay full price on one tube of paint (normal expensive price for watercolor paints can be anywhere from $3-$30!! FOR ONE TUBE!! The more expensive paints can be, size-wise, smaller than my pinky! Yes, that’s what people pay. But not I… unless its for a painting that is going to be sold. Then I have to up the price… but not always… I like my cheap $3 paints and they seem to work just as well as the so called nicer paints.  I always recommend to my students, go cheap, cause who knows, you may hate what you are doing and you just wasted a bunch of money on stuff you will never go back and use.  I’m not a huge Acrylic fan, but I will do it if I absolutely need too, but the paints I used for this project I had on hand, so what better time to use them?! 🙂


And if you don’t know how to mix colors, I would recommend looking up a color wheel online.  Or maybe you have one on hand? You can find them at my favorite store (Hobby Lobby), for pretty cheap to get the colors you really want.  They aren’t 100% accurate all the time but close enough.


Don’t forget your bowl of water and after you have the desired color start painting those pumpkies and if you do what I did, paint the entire pumpkin and place on a plate and let dry, later go back and touch up if desired on the bottom. (I didn’t stress too much on the bottoms, they weren’t going to be seen.)


When you have all the pumpkins painted, you will need stencils or very creative handwriting skills (something I muchly lack!)


I went for a Martha Steward set of stencils set I got from a random out of the blue shopping outing I went on. I love going into new stores that open up, and try to make an effort to go soon after the newness wears off. And this was one made for pottery, and since I love doing pottery, I figured someday I would use them!


You may mess up on your first try but it will be okay! Just paint over it and start over! 🙂


Trust me, you will get the hang of it.


And then viola! You are done! Great job! Now arrange those pumpkins to spell the desired name(s) or word(s)!  Happy Decorating!  What’s your favorite Fall Decoration you have done this year? Tell me about it! Would love to hear from you! 🙂


Happy Fall Y’all!


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