There’s A First Time For Everything! (Part 3, And Continued from “Me and Mister Right”).

I must apologize for my “forgetfulness”.  Like I mentioned on the Facebook Page, I didn’t forget to post like I said I would on Friday.  Its just that I had SO much going on, on Friday that I simply didn’t have time to get out and do my normal routinely things. 😦 Oh well, at least I am getting it up today, Lord willing). 😉

Ok… so I left off at…. let me check…Oh yes,…  Every year my church gets involved with the War of Decatur, Civil War Reenactment, you dress up like a southern belle and gentleman or a solider and fight in the battle, if you choose too. So I was dressed up in this pale baby blue gingham Southern Belle dress complete with hoop and my man hadn’t gotten there, and no he wasn’t one to dress up for these things but he wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to see me in my hoop dress…he was late getting there and of course I was worried.. he got there and I had already started soaking wet with sweat for it was fearfully hot outside and my curls were beginning to stick to my face and neck. I am sure I looked dreadful. But he didn’t seem to mind it. He kinda chuckled when he saw me but it was a cute chuckle. 😉 At least we got a photo together.


Well, the next week he came over and used up two of his days and I was lil distraught cause I wanted to be there for his birthday which was Saturday and he wanted to take me out on Thursday evening for our last night for the week. He said he would talk to my dad and ask for an additional day.  Well, he was able to get permission to get that extra day.  My dad is so sweet, I am telling ya!

Well, I will say I had my suspicions that Spencer was going to ask me to marry him that night (Thursday). I even texted one of my good friends and told her, I thought it was going to be that night.  She told me to keep her updated… I mean really he had two months to “Look me over”. How much more time do you need? Three months? I mean people in the Bible just said, he took him a wife and viola!  We already knew him for years and years and my brothers all liked him even after the 4th of 5th meeting. 😉 And that’s more than I can say for any of the other guys I went out with.

Well Thursday evening my man came up in his very loud obnoxious red Chevy truck! 🙂 As always.. I greeted him at the door… no flowers… red roses… nothing…ok maybe he’s not going to pop the question tonight.  We get to the truck and I get in… no… not any red roses stashed away in here… Well, that is the norm for when you are to ask a girl to marry you? Isn’t it?

Well, we get to the restaurant….Ok, let me pause here for a minute… this is a BIG deal for us… we NEVER ate out together by OURSELVES, EVER! We were courting, courtships don’t allow for you to be alone unless there are people around you… yeah there are people at restaurants just as much as Starbucks, but my dad only allowed Starbucks, maybe he wanted our first alone outing to be special like this one.

Ok so we get to the restaurant and order our food…Spencer doesn’t say much while waiting for the food…nervous perhaps? 😉 Ok so we get our food and he eats all of it…that’s right… ALL OF IT!! Not even left a crumb… Maybe I was being overly suspicious… maybe he’s not going to ask me to marry him. Most people can’t eat like that when they are nervous.

Well we go and get our regulars at Starbucks, his Tall Mocha and my Tall Chai Latte.  And instead of going in to get it he takes us to the Park…but which one? We drive past Wilson Morgan…good.. I mean its ok, but nothing like my favorite… we drive past Delano… yay! And then he drives to my ALL TIME FAVORITE! The River Park! How did he know that was my favorite park, ever?! I have so, so many memories playing there as a kid and watching the barges go from one end of the river to the next.  So many memories of seeing gorgeous sunsets on the TN river at dusk. Love it! We walked over to the railroad tracks to the porch like thing they made for us romantics or photographers could take pictures of their models with a beautiful backdrop overlooking the Marina in one corner, the 565 Bridge in one and the Train Bridge in another view.

We watched a small tug boat go across the water and then a barge and then wouldn’t you know it… I started to get one of those pesky migraines… I got them quite a bit back then. I let out “Oh man! I’m getting a migraine”.   Just as Spencer was turning towards me to say something… but silenced himself when I said, “Can I go back to your truck and get my medicine?” So we walked back and as we walked back I stepped into a large mud puddle and got squishy mud all over my “Bob’s” (Kinda like Toms but an Academy Brand, same idea though, for every pair sold they give a pair of shoes to a needy child).  I get all upset over it cause I couldn’t see the puddle, the migraines I get are rather blinding.

Spencer kinda grinned and told me not to worry about it, that we would get me another pair… “We?” Hm…. So after I got the medicine in me, we walked over to one of the beautiful red benches along a winding walkway. We sat down and as we were sitting a couple passed us on the side walk, they were an older couple and were quite sweet and affectionate.  Well I look out across the water and then Spencer cleared his throat as if he had something to say, he asked me some questions… three to be exact and we talked about the different questions and then as I was still talking or blabbing on he started to get up from his chair and move to a kneeling down on one knee position and pulled out a ring from his blue jean pocket…. And said, “I have one more question to ask, Will you marry me, Katie Frank?” (Was my head spinning or was that the side effects from the migraine medication?) I was so stunned but yet, so excited, I thought surely my jaw had dropped down to my lap!! Something in me wanted to get up and shout “FINALLY!!” but I calmed myself with a sweet silent but excited, “Yes!”

He did it!! We are actually engaged!! I wanted to cry and laugh and do it all over again all at the same time! He then got back on the chair and instead of sitting what seemed like a mile away from me he moved in closer and put his arm around me (EEEHHHH!!!! Yeah, first time he has done this!!) And placed his hand in mine.  Again, a first and then, wait for it…. He said, “I love you” in my ear with a calm whisper, the very first time I heard those words utter from his lips.  And then, wait for it… yes, I returned to him, an, “I love you, too!” Awwwwweeee!!!!! I know, right??!! FIRST TIME EVER!!  I know what you are thinking… y’all kissed right, your first time?? NO…. we didn’t kiss… though I know he wanted to very much, but it would have been spoiled… well, maybe not spoiled but you have no idea how long I have waited to kiss, my mister right! I had never given my kiss away to ANYONE, including him, except on our wedding day.  Yep, you read that right, I gave my first kiss away after 27 LONG years of waiting for my man, I waited and saved my kiss for him!  So very glad I did… the first kiss was AMAZING!!! It was way better than I could have ever imagined!!

But enough about the first kiss… Remember that sweet older couple we saw at the park?! They came over after Spencer popped the question and congratulated us!! Sooooo sweet!!! They even were nice enough to take our picture!


We were so excited we went and called a couple of our friends and I texted my sweet friend Lacey again, to keep her updated and we went back to my house.

KateandSpencer copy

thering copy

And that was the very beginning of our Love Story that God amazingly orchestrated for us. 🙂 Look forward to telling you many more stories in the future. God be glorified!

Thanks for reading,


P.S. The reason Spencer was late for the reenactment was because he had just gone to buy the ring and went and spent an hour taking out his excitement at the shooting range… I guess kinda didn’t want to show that he was excited about something… like a ring that was stashed under the seat of his truck!! 🙂

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