Mister Right and Me (Part 2, Continued from The Day I Met Mister Right)


Oh I love this time of year, don’t you? Fall is seriously the best season there is! The air just seems so crisp and fresh and full of spices, as it should be! 🙂 I love the sound of the leaves, crunch beneath my feet. Sweaters and turtlenecks, pumpkin spice lattes and of course turkey and an ooberant amount of Thanksgiving to the Great God of Wonders! 🙂

Ok, so where did I leave off, Oh yes, the Starbucks date. Imagine that, I am in Starbucks at this very moment. Not the exact spot we sat at in the back of the store but I am in the building. 🙂 Makes me smile big to think about.

I forgot to bring my calendar so I may or may not get it right, my calendar from that year I saved especially for remembrance.  And if ever I needed to type it out. Spencer, has the better memory of this family unit, than I do. SO, anyhoo. I believe before we met at Starbucks, we did meet at my brothers for supper, they were having a lil shin ding at their house. They do those quite a bit have a bunch of families from church to come over and visit and eat good food. 🙂 Spencer, was invited by my brother especially for my benefit, and since he had helped fix his car, it was only the courtesy thing to do. 😉

Ok so we saw each other at this event get together.  And my, did he seem tall… yeah, I know seems silly, but I have ALWAYS wanted to marry a tall guy. It seemed at the time I knew only petite guys, or smaller, short, or rather, just not tall guys. It was really frustrating to a girl who was always considered by everyone around her as “the tall girl”.  Yeah, gets annoying after hearing it 20 times a day. So I had prayed for years and years, “Please God, I don’t care what he looks like, just send me a tall guy!” I figured if the guy was ugly in appearance he would become handsome to me later on as I grew fondly in love with him. But Spencer had both good looks AND great height!! So thankful! Not that it would have been a horrible thing if he hadn’t been so amazingly good looking, in time he would be.  And I think his good looks have increased, I am so madly in love with this guy that I can honestly say the men I used to moon over, are no comparison to my good lookin’ man! Even actors that I was attracted too, cause really they all look a lot like my man, in a way! (Zac Efron, Liam Hemsworth) yeah, you get the idea.

Well as we were sitting at my brothers’ house eating delicious food, my Pastor came and sat right in between Spencer and I. lol! Cracks me up every time.  Not sure if Pastor knew we were both interested in each other or if this was just one of those crazy awkward moments? Spencer and I were actually sitting across from each other, when he sat down he sat right in front as if he wanted to watch me as I ate, sloppily, no doubt, (yeah, I was a nervous wreck, I wanted to make a good impression, but I was failing miserably).  But as we sat, Pastor started asking Spencer questions about his church, and asked him what he was up to, where he worked and how old he was….23….wait what?!! He was 23?? I was 27 at the time… I thought… this could be a problem.  I thought I better let him know. It didn’t bother me, for in fact I had had a previous relationship with a guy earlier that year with a guy 4 years younger and we basically seemed pretty good for each other at the time.  Or rather got along well. It might would have been weird to just anyone at the time but I was fine with it.  In fact growing up I always got along better with guys younger than me. In fact older guys frightened me. 😛

We later met at my churches 4th of July picnic and I asked him about the age difference was 5 years, he smiled a me as if he knew and seemed to not mind. He even said, “No, I don’t mind, I have actually never dated anyone younger than me.” (WHEW!!! Glad that went well).  I told him I was actually shocked at hearing his age. He seemed so much older than I.  He told me everyone says the same thing.

The Starbucks “Date” went well. We had notebooks with questions of things we wanted to know about each other.. It was really sweet.  I totally recommend doing this if its your  first outing. After that outing it was seriously so awesome. But my first recollection of “falling for him” was the trip we took, the white water rafting trip. (I can’t remember where this falls in place, sorry I am so bad with dates).

Well, after our Starbucks date Spencer either called or came over and asked my dad if he could start a relationship with his daughter (me!).  Of course my dad, liked Spencer and trusted  him and knew he would take care of me and wouldn’t do anything to hurt me or my reputation.  He was genuine. Truly.  So my dad gave his consent and we started a full-fledged courtship right before I went on a week-long trip to Pen State to be a counselor at a church camp I went to every summer.  Talk about ROUGH! I just started a relationship with this good looking man and had to be away from him for an entire week!  I had made a commitment to serve these girls in my cabin I just got into a relationship with a guy, I wanted to get to know better but couldn’t due to being 500+ miles away for an entire week and two days! 😉

It wasn’t easy and one of the ladies in my church advised I cut communication with him for the week because I had made a commitment to these girls, so yeah, that was rough to.  But as the Scriptures teach us, “I shall not die but live, and declare the works of the Lord!” So I did just that. I survived the week and it was really kinda sad, cause this was my very last year to not only be a counselor, but also it would probably be the last year to come, unless my man would be willing to take off a whole week to go too.  I kinda had a feeling that the above was true cause, with Spencer, I truly thought he might very well be the one.  I even told my boss the week before I went to camp, “You might want to start looking for someone to replace me, because I truly believed this guy was the one.” She kinda just laughed, she had seen the other relationship not work out, so she had no excuse but to believe this one wouldn’t either. Heehee!

As soon as I came home from Camp we began seeing each other three days a week. Mainly cause that was what my dad had said we could do.  Yes, we were courting… not dating.  Dating is a free bird to do as you please kinda relationship, no strings attached. But courtship is a bit different, usually involving  a parent or two or spiritual leader to make rules and regulations on how things would work each week.  We didn’t always have to have a chaperone, Thankfully, so we usually either did things with friends, or family.  Like the Tractor Pull we went to with family and friends.  Or Starbucks trips by ourselves.

I think the first time I “noticed” or “fell in love” with Spencer was when he did the most heroic thing I have encountered in quite some time! I was so thankful! At the White Water Rafting Trip my sister was there to chaperone us, since it was a water sport, we kinda needed that extra chaperoning.  Though, Spencer was the perfect gentleman and gave us each a bar of Rich Dark Chocolate Bark, it was yummy and so sweet he thought of my lil sister, too.  Melted my heart! But that wasn’t the moment that I experienced Cupid’s sharpest arrow.  All the guys that were at the white water rafting trip with us, the group we went with, the guys of course all took off their shirts to put their life vests on… RIGHT IN FRONT OF US GIRLS… I’m sorry, but that just turns me off… I know it’s a water sport, but I don’t know these guys very well and there are younger girls and older girls there around my sisters age, that really, don’t need to see stuff like that.  It really ticks me off.  Cause I know, what it does to us girls when we see that.  I mean, I am of the mindset, if it’s not ok for girls to take their shirts off, then why is ok for a guy too? I mean, seriously, think about it? Why is it ok for them too?  I’m not saying this as an “It’s not fair” issue but rather, “it’s indecent” issue for both male and female.  If guys get all hyped up when they see a girl in a low cut shirt, then what do you think us girls do with his shirt off?? I means seriously??… you think we are so dumbed down to  thinking, oh it doesn’t bother us to see a guy with his shirt off. Well, it bothers me and it should bother other girls, too.  Please go to the restroom and take your shirt off and put your life vest on in there if it has to be done.  But not in front of young innocent little girls that don’t need to even be thinking of things like that right now, or even have someone boost her chance of entertaining such thoughts.  Sorry, pet peeve.  I say all that to say, Spencer, my knight in shining armor didn’t take his shirt off in front of Liz and I and left it on to put his life vest on.  Whoo hoo!! I love this guy already! He totally passed the test in my mind for that heroic act!  Yeah, guys, if you want to play the hero in your woman’s eyes, truly, don’t take your shirt off in front of her, unless you are married.

Well, our courtship was a fast one, 2 months to be exact and it was full of flowers and reading the book, “Boy Meets Girl” By Joshua Harris,  a mixture of different stories of courtship and dating stories.  Very sweet… though we only got to the third chapter.   Spencer was convinced I was the one after two months… for me it was like after the first month.  I just had one question to ask him to finalize my ideas of completely giving my life and heart away in marriage to this man.  Yes, you read that right, in marriage, it’s not right to give your heart away in a courtship/dating or even in an engagement relationship, but rather in marriage at the alter before God and witnesses..  I knew he was the one, because it wasn’t a jittery feeling I had, it wasn’t even a feeling, but rather a knowing in my heart, I WANTED to spend the rest of my days with him.  My question was basically if he would be willing to go to our church, since his was having some issues and he seemed to rather enjoy attending mine.  It was hard for me to imagine going to any other church than the one I had been attending a great majority of my life.

I know that sounds selfish, but, I admit I am selfish even with things I so enjoy, I just want to share them with the people I love most and care about deeply.  In fact, I wish I could share this blessing of my church with a great many people I love and cherish, but I can’t exactly just go up to people and twist their arms in a literal sense and make them come, if they really, really want to enjoy the joys I experience every Sunday when I attend, then they will come, and I will know that my prayers were answered.  Yes, I pray that God would bring those I love very much into our church, because honestly I have been to other churches but nowhere have I had the most love and joy in any church I have been other than those in our denomination! But mostly what I have experienced at Trinity Pres. I am so thankful for my sweet church family!  We are all so close and I hope and pray this church family grows with other sweet people and families.

Ok… sorry bunny trail…  You will find I am good at those. Well, this is getting lengthy so I will cut this short and save my favorite part for next time, so be looking for Part 3 on Friday!

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